Manager at Indiana Olive Garden caters to racist who asked for white server

On February 29., two employees of the Olive Garden in Evansville attempted to serve a customer, as they usually do during their shifts. But the customer wouldn’t have it. This wasn’t because the employees were unprofessional or disrespectful. Rather, the customer wanted new servers because they were people of color.

The racist customer further asked if the employees were from America, and suggested that they take up a job at a strip club instead.

The manager of the Olive Garden, who has since been terminated following an investigation into the matter, catered to the racist and switched their server for one of a color the customer was comfortable with — aka a white server.

According to a local newspaper, Amira Donahue was one of two servers who was discriminated against in this incident. She has since taken up a case with a law firm, Danks and Danks.

The incident highlights the boldness of racism in this country and what people of color experience on a day to day basis. Pew Research shows that 64% of blacks feel that they are discriminated against in the workplace.

The incident also shows how easily hatred can become normalized if we don’t stand up to it. Ultimately, there will always be people who hate, who wish to destroy, and who chase after evil ideas and lies. Our role is not to eradicate this constant from the world, but to make it so that racism, antisemitism, homophobia, and other forms of bigotry cannot find a comfortable home in our culture.

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