The best defense Against racism and race theory

Science has been at the helm of many advances that has helped humankind. But there is an alarming trend throughout history of relying on reason and science (which is always limited by the data that it exists at any given time) to determine our morality and values. The greatest experiment of this was Germany, where eugenic science lead them to conduct human experiments on Africans in its colonies and later to mass Genocide on a scale the world had never seen. The science on eugenics pre-Nazi Germany was iron clad, as they believed. How would we fight against such an idea if we lived in such an environment? But more importantly, how can we tell if an idea is good or bad. My answer is that we must turn to Godly values. In this video I explained how race theory presented itself in a nationalistic society and the trail of reason that lead Germany to a cold, dark, and murderous end.