Hannah Grossman

Hannah Grossman

Hannah is a journalist, editor and an opinion writer most known for her hard-hitting commentary on antisemitism at conferences and in writing. Her work has been featured at The Investigative Project on Terrorism, Daily Caller, Daily Wire, Legal Insurrection, Post Millennial, Brooklyn Eagle, Brooklyn Reporter, Algemeiner, CAMERA, Jewish Press, Jewish Star, The Five Towns Jewish Times, and other publications.

Topics she has written about include radicalism, terrorism, the U.S. military, and New York City-related stories.

In 2020, Hannah founded The Herman Grossman Project, an initiative that seeks to expose Nazis’ crimes so that they will never be forgotten. Through in-depth historical research, Hannah uncovered a jarring images and documents that traced her grandfather’s journey through the Shoah. Shockingly, she found a photo of her grandfather on the Auschwitz platform as he faced selection by the Nazis.

Before joining the Daily Caller as an associate editor, Hannah completed a year-long journalism fellowship with Committee for Accuracy of Middle East Reporting In American from 2017-2018. During that fellowship, Hannah studied in-depth how bias and inaccuracies about Israel seeps into Western publications.

After the fellowship, Hannah chased down interviews with high-profile/noteworthy individuals and stories as a freelance journalist.

She is most proud of a story she wrote about an egregious case of journalistic malpractice that nearly drove a young woman with Autism to suicide. With Hannah’s reporting, the woman’s name was cleared online, and many outlets corrected their stories to reflect the truth.