The Herman Grossman Project

Herman Grossman in Paris after the war.

What is The Herman Grossman Project?

The Herman Grossman Project focuses on antisemitism awareness and Holocaust education. The purpose is to continue the legacy of a Holocaust survivor named Herman Grossman by finding the language to talk about the Holocaust in a way that he was unable to express during his lifetime. Following liberation, most Holocaust survivors struggled with talking about the trauma they experienced during the years of 1939-1945.

The Herman Grossman Project believes we must take steps to ensure the Holocaust will never again recur. Through educating about the Holocaust, we can learn the ideological errors that facilitated an environment for an entire country to become complicit in the murder of millions of innocent people on an industrialized scale. As such, The Herman Grossman Project teaches about human obligation. Each one of us living on this earth has an obligation to behave with morality.

Who was Herman Grossman?

Herman Grossman was a child survivor of Auschwitz and Buchenwald. Unfortunately, not much is known about his experiences during the Holocaust because he was too traumatized to talk about it during his lifetime. What we do know is that he worked as part of the sonderkommando unit in Auschwitz. The position of sonderkommando forced him to witness The Final Solution to Jewish Question in a cruelly intimate way.

Part of the job of the sonderkommando was to greet the arrivals who came on a train to Auschwitz and subsequently to cremate those same arrivals after the Nazis had finished killing their victims in the gas chambers.

The Nazis would typically kill the sonderkommando units every three months, yet somehow Herman survived.

More information as it becomes available will be posted about Herman Grossman as documents are currently being translated and interviews of family members conducted.

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